4 March 2010


Ok so I had a moment with this guy on my way to work: the doors opened on the tube and getting on was this handsome blonde guy with an abridged mohawk that all the gays are doing these days - this is always coupled with the designer stuble. All of these styles are of course to make you appear butcher than you really are. Although, personally, if you have to place the word "designer" in front of anything, you really have squeezed any remaining masculinity out.

So, the doors open and he looks right at me with a knowing look: essentially, we're talking Gaydar. I look back, but due to the situation continue on with my journey. I bookmark in my mind, the position the carriage is in relation to the platform, the time of day, the station, all so I may be able to replicate our meeting the next day.

I then realise there are too many variables that could go wrong. In a city of 7 million, with it's infinite possibilities, when do we ever see the same person again? Let alone someone we fancy. Isn't it exciting though? You may never see the guy you are sitting across from giving you the eye ever again. Not time to waste - ask him out!

So, cut to later that night, I'm walking home from the tube and who should walk straight past me and look right at me. Mohawk Guy! Is this serendipity or stalking? Of course I totally lost my shit and wasted a perfect opportunity, but this is good!

Guaranteed, I will never see him again.

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