10 June 2011


Before i begin, i have to say, my life has been invaded by Germans. I have lived with several Germans over the years (including two currently), my landlords are German, i just came back from a holiday to Germany - I feel like frickin Poland. So it made sense that a couple of months ago, i met a German in ze club and took him home for a bit of Loz Love. You know, complete the circle.

So some vital statistics:
He lives in Berlin (that's in Germany!)
Travels to London every month or so to learn English (let me tell you, boyfriend needs to step up the frequency of those trips if he wants to get anywhere)
Is 6'5" (important)
He has that Aryan angularity about him (like if you put him in an SS uniform, it wouldn't be a stretch? Totally)
AND he has a penis that you need a shoe horn to get in (yay!)

While the English is not great (seriously it's like talking to a my Portuguese cleaning lady, Lousa or Louisa or Louise, quite frankly i don't really know what her name is and i blame her wholly because i cannot understand her) he speaks the international language of love quite fluently, so everyone wins. And for the moment he is the only reapeat offender in my life, so i am happy to stoke the fires of this LDR. I've never had an LDR before, but i am totally warming to the long distance part of the relationship: he comes...and then he goes. It's perfect, especially when talking to him is like a mime performance.

To give you an understanding of his level of English, i have included a text message. This is him, when he has time to edit, you can only imagine him live...

I've really interested but it i missed the chance to see you play. I still have no idea what i'll do on Saturday at 6 or later. So i'll text you than ;)

He he.
Till next time xx

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  1. *jealous* After 14 years of marriage I have to live vicariously :-P


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