15 December 2011


So, I have this Stupidly Hot Friend.

The sort of guy you are friends with just because he's hot. Don't judge, I know you've got one too.

Oh and did I mention that he has a Stupidly Hot Boyfriend as well? I know. Even I'm like, "What a waste".

So, the other week my Stupidly Hot Friend announced his engagement to his Stupidly Hot Boyfriend.


Ok this is gonna sound awful, but someone has to say it - how many hot, young gays have you seen getting married of late? Think about it. Right? I'm just saying - not a lot of circuit boys are going to the chapel.

Gay Marriage to me has always been comfortably relegated to fat old dykes in matching white tuxedos and balding gay rights campaigners in green tartan kilts. But now my Stupidly Hot Friend and his Stupidly Hot Boyfriend are throwing a spanner in my works with not a swatch of plaid in sight! They are single-handedly validating Marriage and now for the first time ever, I feel the pressure to find a husband! I can't even get a boyfriend who can commit to a simple date let alone the font on our Save the Date cards.

And I know what you're thinking, if you're Stupidly Hot Friend and his Stupidly Hot Boyfriend were jumping off a cliff, would you jump as well? I totes would! But firstly I would write a really moany entry in my blog about why I feel the pressure to do so.

I digress.

It's always been a comfort of mine to see the desperation in my single, straight, female friends eyes, as they are once again the bridesmaid and think, "Phew I'm glad I don't have that sort of stress..." Now I do have that sort of stress and I'm getting those same sympathetic looks - from them! 

Marriage has never ever been part of the bigger picture for me. Sure, I want to be happy and I want others to be happy, but after sitting on the side line for so long, when the straight community RELUCTANTLY allow us to join the game of matrimony, I say thanks, but fuck off, I didn't wanna play anyway.

It's funny how one act of inclusion can create so much exclusion at the same time.

Then again I might be just a bit bitter.

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  1. Deep Loz, deep. Ok so I know I've heard all these stories but why didn't you tell me you had a blog?!


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