19 January 2012


I know.

But bare with me coz we all are!

I ran into this guy the other night I had basically cut things off with in the vain hope that The Straight-ish Guy/Cuntbag Fucknose would get his act together and make me his fuck puppet.

The guy, who we shall refer to as the Peachy Keen Bean Guy, looked as though he may have still been smarting from the break off. Which is odd to me because we really only saw each other for a minute before I realised there might never be a chance with the The Straight-ish Guy/Cuntbag Fucknose.

This gets me back to my original question, what I am trying to say is this: for all the rejection we have had inflicted upon us, real or imagined, don't you think there is always someone who we have inflicted as much rejection, if not more, upon?

We are so eager to cry foul when rejeculation is sprayed in our face, but will flippantly rejeculate our own version as though it is our given birthright.

So I guess The Straight-ish Guy/Cuntbag Fucknose is my Karmic debt.

I know, deep and shit.

But seriously, to The Peachy Keen Bean Guy, I AM The Straight-ish Guy/Cuntbag Fucknose. He hates me. He probably has a blog about me called That Cuntbag Fucknose (and is probably outside my house right now masturbating into my wheelie bin, but that's for another time).

So, before I tarnish the good name of the The Straight-ish Guy anymore I just want to acknowledge that I am a Cuntbag Fucknose myself.

And so are you. You just don't know it yet.

Awww, I feel we've all done some growing here today.

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