30 May 2012


Now, guess how many times the Gay-ish Guy and I have seen each other. I mean actually laid eyes on each other, in the flesh, one-on one?

For those of you who have kept up to date with the previous The Straight-ish Guy postlings and now The Gay-ish Guy postlings you will know the answer is twice.


Can you believe it?

Once in June 2010.

Once in June 2011.

So, now that we find ourselves on the eve of June 2012, I am eagerly anticipating another meeting. After all it is our anniversary. I wonder what he's got me?


*rolls eyes*

WTF! Talk about running on the smell of an oily rag. What have I been doing for the past 2 years? I could write a mini-series about this guy and yet I have only met him deux fois. How can a text message every now and then keep feeding the fires of desire? What is it about The Gay-ish Guy that keeps me hooked even in the face of his laissez faire communication skills?

I think I have a high pain threshold or at least a high pain-in-ass threshold when it comes to The Gay-ish Guy. Pun intended.

I keep having these conversations with my friends about how I am going to take a "hard-line" with him and "not stand" for any "stand-ups" or "delayed responses".

Basically what I am trying to say is I am closing the door, but not locking it - just having a look through the peep hole every now and then. Does that make sense? Made more sense over 48 ciders in the sun the other day.

So, the other day he texted me. And of course I immediately responded.

What happened to peeping through the peep hole? I almost snapped my iPhone in half with the speed I responded.

I don't really have an iPhone. Just sounded better. Shitty HTC.

I am afraid I have created an enigma that I will never fully understand in the Gay-ish Guy. Our first meeting back in 2010 was so surprising and so amazing and so hot that it has had me enraptured for the past 2 years. I keep wanting to emulate the "something" from that night with him, but how long can I hold out for it? Most people would have taken that "something" out into the paddock and shot it long ago.

And this brings me to an awkward question, who are we really when we meet someone? Most of the time I am drunk or a heightened version of myself. I'm at a party, I'm on holiday, I'm a phoney. You never meet anyone when you're crying on a park bench do you?

So I think the question is not really who is The Gay-ish Guy (BTW that does not let you off, I still wanna know), but who am I?

He texted if we wanted to meet up this weekend.

I'm in Copenhagen. Being a phoney.

Happy Anniversary honey x


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  1. Does gay karma exist Loz? I wonder if that's what you are experiencing? Close the peephole love

  2. This is getting a little boring now. Surely there are other things in your life other than this obsessive search???? The Perfect Boyfriend does not exist.Choose someone and get on with the rest of your life. Jobs, study travel, friends.....

    1. If you're bored stop reading...

    2. Its not called project new job or project new friends or project new holiday its called project new BOYFRIEND!


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