26 July 2012


So, I just saw the Olympic flame go past my work.

Totes emosh.

Although I do have to say it was rather anticlimactic - the girl who was carrying it was walking and the flame had gone out.

Oh London, don't ever go changing. I've seen homeless people more spirited as they chase a discarded ciggie butt with one drag left in it rolling down the pavement. Put them in the torch relay. Mind you they would probably try to drink the lighter fluid, but at least it would make for a bit more of a spectacle.

She might as well have been dragging it behind her like a dead dog.

It made me think about the metaphorical flames that I have carried (and still carry) and even though they have well and truly been extinguished, I am still dragging them around like a dead dog.

Like her I'm keeping up appearances and not acknowledging the flame has actually gone out a very long time ago.

Well not any more. They've ALL gone out and now I am left with a dead dog and homeless guy drinking lighter fluid.

Scooch over homie-less guy coz I need a drinking buddy.

Anyways...my 30ish birthday is next week and I am treating it as my own Personal New Year - a new year, a new start, a new liver.


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