7 February 2013


It's always been a comfort of mine to see the desperation in my single straight female friends eyes, as they are once again the bridesmaid and think, phew I'm glad I don't have that sort of pressure.

But now I'm the one getting those same sympathetic looks. And I'm getting those looks from them!

I love how this was my biggest issue surrounding same sex marriage about a year ago.

#gayfirstworldproblems and all that.

Maybe we should all stop bitching about same sex marriage and remember how lucky we are that someone on our behalves - because I certainly haven't marched - has actually bothered to take a vote in the British parliament to move marriage for the gays a step closer to being passed as law. And they won!

There has been a lot of unnecessary nitpicking about the attempted passing of this law - anything from, what is Cameron trying to hide by rushing this through to, this will regain some humanitarian respect for this government after they have decimated benefits.

Okaaaaaay. So we can still get married right? And we are completely equal to our straight brothers and sisters? And this brings to an end a fight that has gone on for decades? So, what's the fucking problem?!

I saw a gay guy being interviewed in a bar in Soho as the vote was announced saying that, "The vote had unnecessarily pitted Religious groups against the gay community."

He then said, "Oh my God I love this song," and ran off camera.

I love how his main concern was how the relationship between the gays and the church was going to suffer. What because we have enjoyed such a cordial co-existence before this vote? I sure hope I can still rely on Fr. Bernard to hear my emergency confession when I suck a strangers cock in the toilets at Fire.

Look marriage has never really been part of the bigger picture for me, but that doesn't mean I want to ruin for everyone else the fact that a MAJOR WORLD POWER has validated myself and my community in one single vote.

Granted there are a few more votes to come, but come on! Stop nitpicking, celebrate!

I come from a country where a female leader of a centre left party has told the gay community that "society is just not ready for it," and I now live in a country where a male leader of a conservative party has given us a basic human right. We cannot be so critical.

And BTW Julia Gillard you should be ashamed of yourself. What's your excuse going to be now that the mother country is making it law? Even Barack said he wants it. The last developing country to take it seriously. I'm so embarrassed.

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