17 June 2015


So after swiping and matching, swiping and matching on Tinder for a week or so, a match and I decided to go on a date.

A coffee date.

During the day.

I don't think I have ever had a day date, does that mean we're having afternoon delight? I better make my bed. Nor have I had a date without alcohol. I find clutching a beer/wine/spirit/anything calms me considerably in the first few moments of a date. Plus its my cup of personality at the end of a busy day. This could be interesting.

I decided upon a café that had a darkened ambience. Again I was thrown by the day element to this date and wanted to recreate the night as best possible. I didn't count on the humidity that day being turned to high, so when I arrived at the café to stake things out I nearly passed out from the steaminess. If he had have arrived any later I would have been a puddle and a pile of clothes on the floor.

He was about 10 minutes late and apologised saying he would buy the coffee if I wanted to find a place outside. There goes my cunning plan. I went outside to the covered way between storefronts and had a split second to choose which side of the table was going to cast me in the best light. I chose wrong.

He came out, sat down opposite and we started chatting. Almost simultaneously as I began to answer the 'Where are you from question' the sun came out and hit a tiny, frosted window in the covered way which illuminated my side of the table in golden light, so much so I think the shop owners thought it was the second coming of Christ.

I got all squinty. Never a good sign.

Finally the coffee arrived and I realised I had been white knuckling it until then for a stimulant. But it turned out I didn't need to because we had really interesting, relaxed conversation. There seemed to be a never ending well of topics to talk about, there was just an in-person attraction that was missing from my side, but he was a genuinely sweet and attentive guy. He just had a mouth full of teeth where each one seemed to be in it for themselves.

That's mean, but seriously Invisalign? You're in your 30s.

We ended the date because we had to get back to our respective afternoons. We chatted about plans for the weekend and then hugged it out. He seemed keen to make another date, but I took the douche route and basically gave him the same answer as my previous suitor, a very non-committal 'See you soon' wave, turn and walk off. He looked a little hurt considering the hour and a half of furious agreeing at all the injustices in the world we had just had. This perhaps was going to be another one of those injustices.

I got home and thought about him and the date the whole afternoon. I decided to not write him off because of a whole bottom row of wayward teeth, but in fact draw upon the exciting and interesting conversation we had bathed in golden sunshine.

So I messaged him and asked if he wanted to have a drink the next week and he still hasn't message me back. It's been 5 days.

Not quite sure how that works.

Keep on swiping London.

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